Here’s the #1 reason people love to hire Avi.

He goes the extra step to make sure you’re absolutely safe... checking ALL of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Yep, that’s the reason.

Now wait a minute: Hiring a fully certified electrician who is expert in both residential and commercial work... based ONLY on that tiny like moving into a high-dollar Atlanta condo just because their service pros change your lightbulbs.

(And seriously, that’s what people do!)

Why do they?

Because the service professional who will go all the way to your house just to change a light-bulb is a person who cares.

Avi Cares.

When he’s in your house he’s going to double-check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. And if he’s doing that, you’ll really know that you and your family are safe, since Avi is checking everything electric in your house...

Because Avi knows these cold hard facts:

The US Fire Administration calculates that about 30,000 houses catch on fire every year... only because of electrical failure.

So these are Atlanta’s most deadly arsonists:

We hate to say it, but if you’ve never had an electrical inspection, you’re at greater risk for a life-threatening fire. The only way to ensure your wires, bulbs and fixtures NEVER ignite, is to get an electrician like Avi to inspect your home as soon as possible.

By the way:

This fire and carbon monoxide detector check should be a standard service, and sadly, it’s not! Not your plumber, not your HVAC expert, or the Maytag repairman are going to do it.
Only Avi is thinking about saving your entire home from a terrible fire - and he scours your home from gable to basement to do it.

Because Avi cares enough to deliver life-saving electrical service.

Remember, faulty wiring is a deadly problem with an easy fix. You can get this dedicated electrician into your house right now.

Call Avi at: 404-789-1660

And in case you don’t believe it...

Here’s some personal info about how life-saving is really in Avi’s blood...

Avi grew up with a brilliant father who still runs out to solve life and death emergencies, at all hours, every week, and who happily says “my life is not my own” because he gives so much to the Atlanta community....

There’s no difference between father and son.

Avi just loves being mechanical. He chose electricity to be his life’s passion because he think’s it’s the most interesting work out there.

He’s like a goldmine of electrical know-how.

Plus, he knows that getting your electricity up and running feels almost as urgent as having a baby.

Now, click here to invite Avi to do some life-saving at your house.

Or call Avi at: 404-789-1660

Finally, there’s Avi’s 5-Star Guarantee.

If you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the work that Avi does in your home, Avi will make it right... free of charge.

That’s the kind of guarantee you expect for every service professional, but Avi cares enough to put it down in writing just to give you an easy choice when you select your next electrician.

Not only that...

Most electricians will back up their work for only a single month. (Even though we all know that plenty can go wrong after that.) Why choose an arbitrary deadline? Avi doesn’t.

He backs up the job he’s does in your home for five years!

If within the first 5 years after Avi works on your home, something goes wrong with the job, Avi will come over, inspect it and fix the problem.

This blows away every other guarantee you’re going to find in Atlanta. (And, if by some miracle you find a better one, tell Avi and he’ll match it.)

You can reach him now at: 404-789-1660

You’ll get:

Just click here to talk with Avi now.