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Got Electricity?

If not, then it’s time to get an electrician!

Look no farther than Avi Tate - the master electrician in your neighborhood who is absolutely dedicated to meeting you with a smile. He takes your expectations, meets and exceeds them. Avi is friendly, a residential and commercial electrical expert. He provides you with easy service, maintenance and electrical inspection.

People Like Avi

Yes, he’s licensed and safety trained.
He does residential and commercial electric...

But what makes people like Avi is that he practices customer service as a way of life. He stays up to date on what makes your property electrically perfect, saving you money on monthly bills and long-term maintenance.

To say nothing of emergency drop-in.

We know that you’ve got options when you’re considering an electrician. As a lifelong Atlantan, Avi knows every neighborhood, and every kind of Atlanta home’s electrical setup.

Plus, you’ve already read how Avi cares.

Where can I find Avi?

His center is in Druid Hills, but you can find him in all the finest Atlanta neighborhoods. You can find him faster if you live in:

Electrical Inspections

It’s not every day that you think of getting an electrical inspection.

Often, just when you’re buying or selling a house. But there are other reasons to get an inspection. Consider getting one if you never have before. After that, it’s smart to order an electrical inspection every 5 years. This ensure that all of your electrical components are properly grounded, wired and bonded according to the Atlanta building codes.

Getting a licensed electrician is important for this very reason.

Even if an electrician knows what he’s doing - someone who isn’t licensed won’t know about the particular electrical codes of the municipality he’s working in.

The fact is, if he isn’t licensed, usually there’s a good reason (that he’d rather you not know about.)

How Do I Know if I’m At Risk for Electrical Fire?

If you’re not sure just how safe your home is, these are danger signs that it’s time to call Avi...

These are danger signs that you’re at potential risk of an electrical fire. Just call Avi. He’ll come to your home and test your wiring. He’ll find any problems and fix them.

What Happens During an Inspection?

Avi will take out a certain number of switches and outlets to test them. If he finds any problems, he’ll continue checking and fix everything that isn’t working. (If you want to know more, read these bulletpoints...)